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My Works

I am, first and foremost, a writer. I am drawn to writing song lyrics, poetry, short stories, and things that could be described as essays if you were kind enough to be generous with the word.

While I take immense pride in my lyrics and imagery, my singing is more a source of joy than an art for me. I am lucky to have a voice pleasant enough to be a joy for others as well.

Bluefire 2014
OUCH! Machines Cover
OUCH! Plants Cover
OUCH! Secrets Cover

My General
Human Existence

I was born near San Francisco, California, USA in the '90s but too late to count as a '90s kid.

I am just a little guy (my way of saying I am transmasculine). I love learning languages, picking up and forgetting about new crafting projects, taking naps, and connecting with people.

I now reside in Brooklyn, New York, where I have let my art grow beyond the confines of my bedroom.

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