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This is the bulk of my public creative works, spanning nearly a decade. Themes of love, heartbreak, anxiety, and anger abound.

And the category is...

Printed Works and Zines

Two Men on a Sidewalk

Bluefire, 2014

Orion Rises in November

 OUCH! Magazine, No. 7: Machines, Nov. 2021

Sincerely, Humbly, Yours, Always (Sunflower Letter Series)

 OUCH! Magazine, No. 8: Plants,  Apr. 2022

Like Riding a Bike

Oxy Bike Share Zine: WHEELS,  May 2022

The Bicycle Tree

OUCH! Magazine, No. 9: Secrets,  Oct. 2022

Musical Releases


Octopus Arms, 2019

When You Come Back

Octopus Arms, 2019

If This Falls Apart

Junko is Human, 2022


Queer Artist Showcase @Albatross Bar

Astoria, NY, August, 2022

Queer Creative Circle

Astoria, NY, September, 2022

Queer Artist Showcase @Mama Tried

Brooklyn, NY, October, 2022

Queer Creative Circle @ Ginger's Bar

Brooklyn, NY, November, 2022

Videos of performances are unavailable until I have the time to caption them. Please check back soon, or find snippets on my TikTok!

Printed Works and Zines

Two Men
Two Men on a Sidewalk

As it appears in Bluefire, 2014.

I submitted this sci-fi piece to The Leyla Beban Young Author Foundation's first $1,000 for 1,000 Words Scholarship Contest, for which I ended up winning the high school prize. It was inspired heavily by my fears of climate change and Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 which I had just read for my first year of high school.

Ouch! Machines Cover.jpg
Orion Rises in November

As it appears in OUCH! Magazine, No. 7: Machines, 2021.

I justified submitting this piece of prose about constellations and heartsickness to the Machines issue of Dayi Novas' OUCH! Magazine by likening the subjects to the image of astrolabes and the not-quite mechanical rhythms of the universe.

ouch plants cover.jpg
Sincerely, Humbly, Yours, Always (Sunflower Letter Series)

As it appears in OUCH! Magazine, No. 8: Plants, 2022.

I have endless gratitude for Dayi's creative skill and flexibility. Her willingness to indulge my desire to space out these letters throughout this issue to give the air of time and distance made something I like into something I treasure.

Like Riding a Bike

As it appears in Oxy Bike Share's Zine, WHEELS, 2022.

My alma mater has a fantastic Bike Share organization full of creative, skilled, and hard-working people. I submitted this poem about reunions with the forceful nudging of a friend who was, at the time, part of the organization.

Ouch Secrets Cover.jpg
Bicycle Tree
The Bicycle Tree

As it appears in OUCH! Magazine, No. 9: Secrets, 2022.

The fact that this is also sort of about bikes when the last zine I was in also was bike-related is honest-to-god coincidence. It's not my fault bicycles make for excellent metaphors about love and heartbreak.

Musical Releases

Octopus Arms
Octopus Arms

A First Stab at Going Public

Octopus Arms was one of many band names I came up with with my musical partner of many years, Emily Considine, whose fantastic visual artistry can be found at her website.

These tracks are the emotionally and acoustically raw work of a teenage Junko.

The feeling of unsettling transcendence, of being something more than those around you can withstand, of searching for a home in one's singularity.

Do you know the feeling of becoming territorial, as if to protect a space in the way you couldn't protect yourself? This is about that feeling.

junko is human

I Am My Own Primary Audience

junko is human is a silly little joke of a stage name based on the fact that I exist in the same timeline and general geographic region as the brown-eyed junco bird. I have exactly one single out under this name, but I look forward to releasing more soon.

Sometimes you love someone for the bit of forever you share, but it doesn't stop you from strategizing how to protect your kids from your divorce.

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